5 Best Electric Bikes Right Now in the Market

Product Links:

Bolt : http://www.boltmotorbikes.com/

Stealth B-52 Electric Bike : www.stealthelectricbikes.com

RadMini : www.radpowerbikes.com

audi e-bike : https://www.electricbike.com/audi-ebike/

Trefecta DRT e-bike : https://www.trefectamobility.com/


1.Hybrid Drive : independent pedal and motor drive

2.No gears to shift

3.No clutch to grab

4.Twist and go : Ultra-low maintenance allows you to spend more time riding and less time maintaining

5.Regenerative braking : Every time you slow down, you put energy back into the batteries so you can ride farther

6.No oil to change, ever

7.No spark plugs

8.Unlike your car, your brake pads can last for life thanks to regenerative braking.